November 23

Quick Thing about Bowl Games


For a while, I never understood why there are so many bowl games with the thought being “Doesn’t having half of the NCAA bowl eligible dilute the product?”

Well, money aside (because in the end it’s about money), the thing that never clicked to me was how important it was for teams to even make a bowl even if it is a lower tier bowl. Teams talk about winning championships, and you can argue wether that’s realistic or not but I never thought the goal of ‘make a bowl game’ would be as appealing as it seems. Until today.

Watching ONE, the Wolfpack weekly football show, listen to the reaction when Dave tells the guys they are bowl eligible.

They are pumped and I hope they get to play in any bowl game amid this pandemic. It means a lot to them and they’ve earned it. I won’t be questioning or joking on the Bad Boy Bitcoin Bowl or any others, it is clearly important to these kids.

You can watch it below, locker room part starts around the 26min mark.


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