October 15

Ep 138. – Dave vs Duke vs Dave


Raw Unedited Show Notes

Alim McNeill talked about Joshua Harris clogging up the middle on goal-line stands. What does it mean to have a player like that, and what kind of growth have you seen from him?

I’m really happy that Alim was giving Josh the love, because that’s what it’s all about, sharing that. We’re proud of Josh. Josh went through an injury last year and has worked really hard to get himself to get himself into a position where he can play. He’s found a role in our defense and he’s really taken advantage of it. He’s not out there for a ton of snaps but he’s making his snaps count. He’s working really hard everyday on the scout team, he goes up against Grant Gibson every snap. And so that makes him a better football player. He’ll continue to get better. When we get into that goal-line package, you’ve got [Harris], Alim and [C.J. Clark] inside, that’s almost 1,000 pounds. That’s stout. That helps keep the middle firm and allows us to make plays off the edge.


He was a very aggressive player, I thought, in that game. Not that he’s not a consistent player, but his personality came out a bit on Saturday. It was fun to see that. I told him that I saw him grow up in that game. He had a lot of energy about him. He’s usually shelled up, doesn’t say a ton and just plays really hard. He had some emotion to him Saturday, and it was very obvious. He’s got a lot of good, good things coming his way if he just keeps working the way that he is. 

How good is it to have momentum going into this game? 

Our guys have a lot of confidence, but they’ve also been humbled this year. I think that’s the biggest thing that we talk about. Two weeks ago people were throwing you on the wood pile, and now they are bragging about you. You just have to remember that you are one day away from being a hero or a zero around here. So, we’ve got to focus on the present and getting better, and focus on the details that gave us two wins in a row, and not get caught up in all that. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who we play; it’s how we play. That’s kind of the focus of this football team. The fact that it is a team that’s nearby creates conversation, but the outcome is going to be based on our preparation and our practice and our execution on game day. 

Do you talk to players about the outside criticism, and how proud are you of how they handled that after Virginia Tech? 

Yeah, we definitely have to address it. I think there’s a lot of people out there that get off on being negative on social media and being a turncoat on their own team at times. It’s just fuel to the fire for our guys. That’s how we take it. We are going to play our butt off for our wife, our family and for each other and for the people that constantly support us. For the people that don’t, that’s the way it goes. We’re not going to spend time on them. We’ve got to look really hard at ourselves and the people that love us. We don’t play the game for comments on Twitter. We play the game for our families. We play the game because we want to be successful in life. We play the game because we love our brothers. We play the game because we love to compete. All that other stuff is just distraction and noise. 

We definitely address it. As you all know, every young person has their phone in their hand a lot, so it’s hard for them to ignore it. They have to learn how to do that. It’s a skill set that sometimes they don’t learn until they get a loss on their record. They learn quickly that there’s a lot of fickle people.

Dave tells you how the game is gonna go mid week

They went hard in practice Tuesday. Took some time to get used to the wet grass, but as it went on there was a lot of energy and physicality.

“It’s more about the energy and the attitude, and that was fantastic today,” Doeren said.

• NC State leads the ACC in passes defended, and Doeren noted some of those are dropped interceptions. The new secondary coaches, all three of them, have done a nice job building confidence.

“That’s a huge key,” Doeren noted. He added that players were, at times, previously afraid to try to make a play in fear of a pass interference penalty.

Winning Multiple ways

1. What are your thoughts that State has won multiple ways now?




Per Dave Radio: Redshirt sophomore quarterback Devin Leary and the offense got behind the chains in the third quarter due to penalties. They have to help Leary out by not hurting themselves, but Doeren also felt that they got a little conservative and tight and trying to not mistakes.

• Doeren doesn’t think the wet conditions factored into the passing game. Beck was put into a tough spot calling plays when you had first and 20, for instance.

NO SHIT EXCLUSIVE: “When we take care of the football, we win a lot of games. It’s something we got to make a staple this season and every season after,” Doeren said.

Game Rituals

• Duke has turned it over 19 times this year, and that’s why they are 1-4. He knows Cutcliffe and his assistants are great coaches, and Doeren can relate to what they are going through. Without the turnovers, Duke would have a lot different record, and NC State knows that.


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