September 30

Ep 136 – QBs, 3-3-5, & Disappointment


Random Show Notes

Last Yr. 4-8 = rebuild – you gotta show progress this year. Wake was progress, VT was a regression

Hockman was bad

Hockman played into the 3rd

DD said ‘we didn’t talk about it at halftime’

Hockman’s decision make was bad.  He had guys open and wasn’t throwing the ball.
He ran at opportune times against Wake, here he just threw bad passes

Team not prepare on the road. Came out soft.

there have been several games like this where the first quarter has been a disaster under Dave, spanning multiple teams. What do you attribute this to?

Do you think we have the proper scheme defensively given our personnel?

Defense – 3-3-5

Common misconception is that’s its a defense to stop the spread

Tex Tech Article about Gibson

“That’s the greatest example of how Gibson chooses to views certain stats, but there are others. He won’t allow his defense to be defined by the yards it allows per game. He instead knows points matter most and circles three factors that should keep opponents from scoring. He wants to get three-and-outs, third-down stops and turnovers, all so WVU’s offense can have more possessions.

Even that can be narrowed down, though. Gibson believes games are decided on third downs. He knows the way his defense is structured with the disguised coverages and the unpredictable blitzes gives his players greater odds to win on that down.


Dave’s Record

2-17 vs Ranked (7 of those are clemson)

22 – 36 in the ACC (7 of those are clemson)

Are you ok with the program being on the level of Wake and Duke? 


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