November 21

Ep 80 and Ep 81 – Lville, UNC, Doeren, Pass Outs


So yea I forgot to actually talk about the game on the first recording so I recorded a quick 10 minute episode to talk about the game and an interesting comment from Doeren at his presser following Lville.


Louisville Trip
* Stadium
* Game
* great experience
* Pass outs

Fun Pack‏ @FunPack5 6h6 hours ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
For next season, what would you put the odds at of us having: 1 – a new DC 2 – a new OC 3 – both?
Tucker Blankinship‏ @TuckerBlanc 13h13 hours ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
I know it was 1 drive against Ted Roof HC at Duke level competition, but the tiny taste we got of McKay intrigued me. Kinda forgot what the offense Doeren clearly wants can look with a QB in the run game. Feel like Drink will take advantage of his options more next year.
Kevin G. Williamson‏ @kevinwsenior 16h16 hours ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Who will the new DC & how much turnover is there in the rest of the D staff?
WolfBlood‏ @WOLFBLOOD72 17h17 hours ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Will we have a power outage in the middle of your broadcast also.

Mack Brown to UNC?
* Do you want UNC to be Good?
* help the rivalry?

James Curle‏ @JamesCurle 25m25 minutes ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast @hokiesmash_ASD
I think if both teams are ranked, people will take notice to a degree more than they do now. It’d be the same level of interest that we have when two ranked rivals out west face each other. Not a ton, but more than the nothing-burger it is now. There are zero stakes.

“In early 2015, on information and belief, Defendant Rivers had approved a bribe payment of $25,000 in order to secure Smith, Jr.’s attendance at Adidas-sponsored NC State. Rivers discussed this arrangement with Defendant T.J. Gassnola following a January 20, 2015 event they attended together.”

Jalen Leque Signs
* good. he’s not going pro, needs to shoot better.

Couple other things

* Doeren’s presser

UNC game
* don’t feel great about it
* they can score / throw

David Stanford‏ @dstanford522 24m24 minutes ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Also can we please put the hammer down on the heels the way we did Lvlle?? Would make the whole season feel a bit better.

David Stanford‏ @dstanford522 25m25 minutes ago
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
1) Is Camping World Bowl a success? I’d say yes. Disappointing but if you’d given me that in August I would’ve taken it. 2) What did you notice that was different about the team on Saturday being there and getting to watch in person? As opposed to the Wake game.


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