November 2

Ep 78 – Cuse, Clemson and Curses



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NC state #21 in the CFP rankings
Wet blanket on the season
50/50 game
Steph Louis
I love watching the game and having @PackRadioon the audio feed. Wish every game was like this
Has a team ever had both offensive and defensive players of the week and lost?
Gotta pull out my most amazing stat by a college team much less The Wolfpack. Year after Rivers leaves we were #1 in total defense in the NCAA, out gained every single opponent in total yards…. and had a losing record. Think about it..
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Going 3 and out on the first possession was not good. Lots of missed opportunities to make plays on the ball from a defensive stand point. On several tackles, it looked like they could have tried to strip the ball but didn’t try. Great game for Pratt and Harmon.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
I think it’s an easy game plan for opposing teams! They will pick on our secondary… We are going to make WF look like Clemson. I think G Dortch will give us trouble. I honestly don’t know how the secondary is young every year? I felt like that’s what they said last year!
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Could just be me but I felt like after losing to Clemson a lot of the excitement around this season was gone. I wasn’t nearly as excited for football on Saturday.


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