October 22

2018 – Ep. 77 – What the Hell Went Wrong @ Clemson?


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Raw Show Notes


Damn that was awful
Let’s get it out of the way
Clemson is really good
Not 34 points better but good
TL was fantastic.  Wanted to make him beat us and he did. Defensive game plan is questionable.
They were ready to play, opening drive was a bad sign but even at 14-0 State was in it.
offense was pathetic
Finley played really bad
Gave up 41 points but still….
held Clemson to 91 yards on 32 carries, Travis Ettiene to just 39 yards, force four punts and three field goals while generating a couple of sacks
Offense was pathetic
  • Didn’t attack
  • Didn’t bring anything new out
    • We were waiting for new wrinkles, nope
  • Guys weren’t focused. Drops are nothing more than lack of focus
  • Finley didn’t get into his reads
    • wasn’t the OL.  He was sacked twice (one was a bad snap/miscommunication)
    • hurried once
Mentality has to change. Has to go from beat them to kill them.
  • Not putting teams away has cost State and nearly cost them vs BC.
  • Change Doeren has to make
CLT-Wolf said it best.
Go win the rest of these games, let Drink get hired away by a Sun Belt team and go out and hire Graham Harrell from North Texas. Man that would be fun.
(Should’ve hired Seth Littrell instead of Canada from the start)
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
what do you think was the difference between 2016/2017 (close games) and 2018? IMHO, I think our defensive and running game losses were too impactful. I felt our best teams were 2016 and 2017. 2018 is a nice team but 2017 would beat this team in a similar fashion as Clemson.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Why is our fanbase so freaking bi-polar?
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
I wish I knew what happened on Saturday. I sure hope it doesn’t happen again. Did the crowd noise get the best of them? Finley didn’t connect with a single receiver on deep balls, if I remember correctly. Season is not over, though. Gotta get up for ‘Cuse.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Disappointing result. Felt like Clemson spent the bye week scheming everything State likes to do and State did???? I never expected them to win, but I don’t think being upset they weren’t competitive is unwarranted.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Looking back, yeah ok we weren’t gonna win that game. But to come out and just look so inept was weird with all the talk earlier in the week. These guys are not chumps but looked that way on national TV. Clemson’s a great team but the Pack could have made that look way better.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
It was ugly but the result was not overly shocking. Not impressed with pack esp coming out of the bye. Clemson is very good, must be nice to have a 2 deep of nothing but P5 level starters. I think the biggest test of the season comes next week in terms of how the pack responds.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Thoughts on why we have been (or appeared) so unprepared the last 2 years after a bye week in a nationally relevant game? Looked like our best players didn’t even show up after a bye week to get ready.
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
I understand it takes awhile to build a program. We are starting to win the games we should, but how long do we have to wait for a team to compete for an ACC championship?
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Saturday was just disappointing for State fans like me. It’s like we didn’t even get off the bus. It looked like an old NC State team showed up Saturday. My question is: what do we need to improve on before next weeks game against Syracuse?
Replying to @RedWhitePodcast
Thought the defense looked fine – the strategy was to stop Etienne and make Lawrence beat us. They stopped Etienne (only 39 yards all game, lowest of the season), the problem was Lawrence is legit and burned us for a career day (308 yards).
More upset and surprised at how anemic our offense looked. Obviously unable to score points, but had difficulty even moving the ball. Do you think that’s an Xs & Os problem or are Clemson’s athletes that much stronger/faster/better than our guys?
Syracuse is favored
  • Gotta rebound
  • UNC scored 37 on them


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