October 19

Ep 56 – 2017 – Bye Week Edition


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* Dustin back. Thanks for the concern while in Vegas. Apologize for the voice and coughing as I’ve been sick for going on two weeks.
* thanks for all the audio feedback, it will help us get better.

Pitt Review
* Started slow, still found a way to win
* great second half (held pitt to only a FG)
* Narduzzi, why the hell did he switch QBs?
* That’s why he’s on a career trajectory that has him at Pitt.

Bye Week Goals
* Get healthy – no one listed on the injury report outside of the guys out for the year but still bumps and bruises. Perfect timing.
* watch teams in front of us lose
* ND vs USC
* ND guys saying this is their toughest stretch of games in history. USC, State, Wake, Miami, Navy, Stanford
* D – ND win against USC would be nice?
* Clemson vs GT

* Nebraska hires the Wash St AD, general theory is they want leach. Good fit? What would AD Dustin do?
* Got to talk about it and we hope to have a special edition with WolfpackPatrol, UNC Skates. Thoughts?
Canada Watch
* 2 wins over ranked teams in a row! Beat Auburn 27-23. 206 in the air and 157 on the ground. In comparison Auburn had 165 in the air and 189 on the ground. Just that kind of game.
Lock of the Week
* – Don’t remember what mine was but I’m sure it was right!
* D – Bama is going off at 34.5 or 35 against UT and I want to take them but I won’t. Louisville +6.5 at FSU is hard to turn down. They’ll rebound after last week. I don’t think they’re great but they still have a Heisman trophy winner as QB1. FSU still hasn’t done much.
* E –
Top 4
* D – 1. Bama, 2. UGA, 3. PSU, 4. TCU
* E – 1. Bama 2. UGA 3. PSU 4. Clemson w/Bryant


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