November 24

Has Dave Doeren Elevated Recruiting at NC State?


One of the most commonly used arguments in the ‘Keep Dave Doeren’ conversation is the thought that he’s elevated NC State recruiting to the next level. There are two reasons for this:

  • 1. It seemed that near the end of TOB’s tenure he was signing unrated and 2-star guys almost exclusively.
  • 2. Dave Doeren & Co have won some high profile local recruiting battles in Nyheim Hines, Johnny Frazier, Darian Roseboro among a few others

Dustin and I have fallen into this trap as well but a loyal listener, would rather remain anonymous tried to set the record straight as he had some spare time in the hunting stand. NC State fans are the best.

The following is from Mr. Deer Blind Pack Fan:

So I was sitting in my deer blind today, stewing over the football season, and I started thinking about all of the narratives surrounding DD and his tenure at NC State. One narrative I wanted to investigate, was the narrative that DD is a good recruiter.

So I made this spreadsheet using data from I looked at DD, TOB, and CTC and their recruiting rankings. I ordered the data based on their coaching year, with “T” being the transitional year where they were hired and they had to throw a recruiting class together over a month, and “Year 1” being their first full recruiting class. I looked at the number of 4/5 star recruits signed, and the class rankings relative to college football and the ACC.

You will see that DD and TOB had very similar recruiting success during their first 3 full recruiting classes (years 1-3) after their transitional classes. TOB’s recruiting fell off in years 4 and 5, and it looks like DD’s year 4 class might face a similar fate now that he can no longer sell immediate playing time, his record at NIU, or other recruiting pitches that work early on. Also, Chuck the Chest (CTC) lost his recruiting touch in his final years as well, especially in relation to other ACC recruiting classes.

I enrolled in Fall 1998 at NC State. You know how many football wins we had that year? Seven. We also beat No. 2 Florida State AND No. 11 Syracuse. Mike Fucking O’Cain won seven games and beat two top 15 ranked opponents.

Since then year, we have spent over $100,000,000.00 upgrading Carter Finley’s football facilities. We built an indoor practice facility. We are setting season ticket sales records. We are paying our football coaching staff well over 3 million dollars per year. Yet, with all that effort, we will win fewer games in 2016 than we did in 1998 when Mike O’Cain was our coach.

Given all the effort to elevate our program, following statistics are unacceptable under DD:

  • 3-13 home ACC record
  • 8-23 overall ACC record
  • Only 1 win versus a power 5 school with a winning record (Wake Forest this year)
  • 6 of 8 Career ACC wins were against Wake Forest and Syracuse
  • 8 ACC wins in 4 years. ECU has 6 over that time period
  • He only has a winning record against 2 ACC schools
  • He has never beaten ECU
  • He has only beaten UNC once
  • Thank you for your time. I enjoy your show. I’m out.

    Here’s his attached spreadsheet

    easy to read graphs:
    nc state recruiting football


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