March 4

S2 E23 – Evan Fired Dustin. Hoops closing, Spring Football Starting


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[Intro 2: This week we cover a variety of topics. End of basketball season, Gottfried’s comments on Cat Barber, Gottfried and UCLA? and the storylines around the Start of spring football practice]

So here we go. Last night we had an, for a lack of a better word, interesting win over BC. Before the game everyone was chalking this up as an easy W as BC is 0-16 in the league but halfway into the game most folks are saying we should lose this game. We were bailed out with a late Mav layup with 1.1 seconds on the clock but the patience by Caleb to look for the second option is what should really be getting the praise.
The story line and what stood out to me was the defensive effort, with that kind of defense the Broughton High girls team would have gave us a tough game. Gott pointed out in his post game that Freeman is still battling leg pain, Mav has a hurt foot so we are essentially a 5 or 6 man rotation. That’s tough but I’m not ready to give Gott a pass on that because defense or the lack thereof has been a trademark of Gott’s tenure at NC State.

Someone tweeted us during the game that this game had the look of the UVA football game that marked the beginning of the end for TOB. I thought that was an interesting point but thankfully we came back and won this one.

One game left @ ND but I think in most people’s mind the season will go down as the lost season. Similar to DD’s first season when Brandon Mitchell went down in the first game of the year. We don’t know what we would have had but we do know it would be better than what we actually had.

All in All, We can’t put it out to pasture fast enough..We’ll probably win a game or two in the ACCT but i don’t expect much beyond that.

Gott’s Comments on Cat
Brody from Twitter reminded us to talk about Gott’s comments about Cat going pro or not going pro.

If you haven’t heard it, listen here. Starts at the 7:07

if it was his last game what would you say about his legacy
“he’s got a lot of basketball to play this year and should be next year here as well” Sort of under his breath.

Im not sure what to make of it. Its about what you expect a coach to say but at the same time Gott seemed to be taken by surprise with the question. You have to know its coming.

Potential Transfers?
James on twitter asked us “with the 3 guys in the bench who play next year who sees cut in minutes and who might transfer”

Hate speculating on transfers because you just don’t know their personal situations. i.e. Deshaun Painter

We’ve already addressed Gott’s transfer issues
Tyler Harris
Kyle Washington
Tyler Lewis
The walk-on shooter, Wallace

but he also plays the waiver wire strong.
Good transfers
Alex Johnson
Torin Dorn

Keep an eye on the UCLA job….
As we’ve talked about, the only job i can see Gott leaving for would be UCLA. As we’ve been saying since Alford was hired, he’s terrible and only a matter of time before he’s fired. He’s getting worse and worse each year.

Steve Alford’s buyout of $10.4m expires on April 30th, 2016….is $5.2m until April 30, 2018. #interestingfacts


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