January 15

S2 E19 – Coaching Hires and Basketball Losses


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Part One – Interview w/ Drew Vachal of Bronco Nation News

– D – We’re joined by Drew Vachal who is the founder and creator of Bronco Nation News and he’s here to give NC State fans some insight into our new OC Eliah Drinkwitz who is 6 years removed from being a high school offensive coordinator and is now the OC of a P5 school.
– E – Let’s start with an easy one Drew, What was the general opinion of Drinkwitz? Were folks excited when he was hired?
– From a reasonable standpoint and from a fan standpoint which are usually very different.
– D – I know there’s been crazy turnover there year to year at the OC position. Looking from a pure numbers standpoint it seems like y’all had a great year. Was that on him or just the system that he inherited and continued with?
– E – What kind of general offense can we expect? Seems like a spread but you’ve seen a lot more of it than we have.
– D – Pretty impressive what he did with a first year QB. He’ll be in the same situation in Raleigh. Were the numbers put up more on the pure talent of the player or do you think the system that Drinkwitz ran had a lot to do with it?
– E – A big problem we had this year was red-zone offense. What were his go to Red Zone plays?
– Were there any questionably consistent calls? EX Lots of spread teams love the end zone fade even though it rarely works
– D – We’ve heard good things about his recruiting. Is it as good as we think and who are some of the key guys he’s landed?
– E – Any particular region of the country he’s had more success in?

Part Two – Basketball is <<<

– D – Last time we were 0-4 in conference was under Les Robinson. He’s been gone a while. So that’s good.
– E – Have to imagine that this team would be WAY better if it had what it was supposed to have.
– Trevor Lacey was expected to come back. That would be 2 POY candidates.
– Kyle Washington was expected to come back. While not always ideal he would be a decent body inside.
– Terry Henderson wasn’t expected to miss every game after the first. Medical redshirt?
– D – People are getting their pitchforks out. Is that reasonable?
– Gott has taken us to 4 NCAA’s and 2 sweet sixteens.
– There’s gotten to be consistency making the tournament but is being a bubble team and getting in acceptable?
– E – Link to my tweet about disappointment
– its more than about one good year. the program at this point should be able to withstand Lacey Leaving and a henderson injury.
– Missed on Seth Allen and devonte Graham (killers)
– disappointed in the effort
– D – I’m going to shock a lot of people with this.
– I’ve been very adamant that people don’t have a right to jump on Gott because of one bad year and I still feel that way.
– 4 tournaments earns you the right to have a bad year.
– We just extended his contract. People saying he needs to be fired for ONE bad year are crazy.
– So call me crazy – this is the year to make a move.
– He won’t have many years like this and we’ll be back in the tournament next year. That will continue the trend and there won’t be a good time to make a change.
– Again, he doesn’t deserve it. At all. He’s earned possibly 2 bad years before addressing it but I don’t think he has another for a while.
– There are people (fans and people that matter) that want Archie. This is the opportunity.
– Is it dirty? Yep.
– Does he deserve it? Nope.
– Is not caring what it takes to have a successful program? Probably.



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Quick Thing about Bowl Games

  • Since 1990, aside from NCSU, every ACC team has had at least one season with fewer than 10 losses – yep, that includes Clemson & Va Tech. NCSU touts that Gott had the best 4 years (92-52) since 1973-76 (100-16)…wow, that’s putting lipstick on a pig. Sendek’s best 4 (overlapping) years were similar at 83-48 & 82-47, and his overall record in 10 years is virtually identical to Gott’s overall record in 10 years at Alabama. Gott’s best teams at UA were his 3rd & 4th ones – it was downhill for the last 6. UVa & Miami programs had been in a ditch for quite a while, but they made great hires 6 & 5 years ago, respectively, & both now have an ACC title, 1 or 2 seasons with single-digit losses, & good teams this year. I’d like to know what makes it harder to win at NCSU. Sorry to be so negative, but I see little reason for optimism in Gott’s 5th year. He MIGHT have a really good year if the stars align just right or he gets some phenomenal recruit…but not holding my breath. Bet Yow would just as soon we forget the slogan “Don’t accept the status quo”

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