December 24

s2015 – Ep 17 – @BelkBowl Opens Pandora’s Box w/ State fans


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Listen to @BelkBowl tell us that bowls pay attention to social media throughout the season and for the selection process and acknowledges that passionate fanbases do influence their choices. Yea, we offered him a chance to take that back.

The mentioned 79 yard punt

Part One – @belkbowl Interview

– E – Intro We’re back with another Red & White Podcast and if you haven’t had a chance to listen to our Belk Bowl preview with Justin Strawn from Miss. St’s Bully Bark Line radio show, be sure to do that. You NC State fans won’t find a better Miss. St primer out there. and continuing on our belk bowl extravaganza, this week – We’re joined by Miller Yoho of the Charlotte Sports Foundation who runs the @belkbowl twitter account.
– E – So you’ve done a Reddit AMA, active on social media and have one of the more visible bowl twitter accounts out there, aside from being a lot of fun what inspired the Belk Bowl to be so interactive with the fans?
– D – Is it true that the Belk Bowl is in fact far superior to the Russell Athletic Bowl in every way possible?
– D – How hectic is it dealing with multiple fan bases tweeting you before the selection process?
– Who was the most persistent this year?
– – does it have any impact or are the keyboard jockey’s wasting their efforts?
– Can you tell us about a time in years past where a fan base has gone over the top in either trying to get attention to be picked or the aftermath?
– I’ve seen ticket sales have been great. Do you want to go ahead and lock us in for every year? (unless we make the playoff)
– E – Can you give us some insight to the madness that goes around selecting the schools that will participate?
– D – I know NC State prides itself as being a blue-collar work hard type of school and it seems like Mississippi State is the same way and has an equally as passionate fanbase. Could it have worked out any better?
– E – Who do we have to take out for a nice dinner to get a policy change on allowing cow bells?
– D – I have one really important question. Is there any chance y’all can get Steve Harvey to announce the winner of the game?

Part Two – Basketball and Misc. (not included this week)

– Cat is good.


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