December 16

S2015 -Ep 16 – Mississippi State Insider Gives #WPN Some Bulldog Insight


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Part One – Interview with Justin Strawn

– We’re joined by Justin Strawn. He’s co-editor of Maroon and White Nation and is host of the Bully Bark Line @bullybarkline which is a weekly Mississippi State podcast.

– Questions –
– Y’all finished 4-4 in conference and 8-4 overall. Can you give us a summary of the season as you saw it? Over/underachieve?
– What game do you wish you had back? (lost and think you really should have won)
– A lot of our fans immediately think about Dak Prescott when they hear Mississippi State. Is he the real deal like we think?
– Evan – I sort of parallel him to Jacoby Brissett, in the fact that NC State underachieved this year and he took a lot of heat for it. Do MSU fans pick apart Dak as we did Jacoby?
– It seems to be that he’s your entire offense this year.
– What kind of offense can we expect?
– Biggest Strength / Weakness
– Have there been any problems on that side of the ball this year?
– Evan – looking at the stats for the year it seems you don’t turn it over via INTs but average about 1.5 fumbles a game. Is that a fair assessment? Concern?
– Who should we look for to make a difference?
– How about defense?
– Whats the biggest strength of the defense?
– Whats the biggest weakness?
– Who should we look for to make a difference?
– What does a team have to do against Miss St to come out with a win?
– Anything at all that scares you about the matchup?
– Prediction?
– how do you see the playoff working out?


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