November 12

S2 Episode 11 – ~7 Reasons Why NC State Will Win at FSU


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Thanks to for making this episode happen. This stuff is legit and a must have for your tailgate.

Part 1 – BC Recap

– First game without Dayes. Huge loss.
– Game went exactly how it should have. Offense controlled their side and the defense dominated.
– Got a little scared early on with the huge Alston drop. Right in the hands and no catch.
– We’ve talked about what was going on with Jacoby. Play calling, line, no trust in receivers? Look at drops like that and you know why the QB wouldn’t have a lot of confidence? OC for that matter.
– Seems like it doesn’t matter with the final score and the way the rest of the game went, but that was a perfect deep ball against #1 defense in country and it was shit.
– Jacoby was exactly what I thought he was – a good QB that can throw the deep ball. Everyone has been dogging him all year and there’s no real reason.
– Other than that Ramos and Trowell had some huge catches and great games overall.
– Team is going to look a lot different without Dayes. It turned out alright this time but the run game has to improve without him.
– The stats are misleading. YPC isn’t awful but when you look at the long runs it takes away from that.
– Gallaspy – 5 for 35 for an average of 7 per carry. But a long of 35 means the other 4 rushes netted 0 yards.
– Samuels – 8 for 32 for an average of 4 per carry. Long of 23 means the other 7 went for 1.3 per carry.
– That’s GOT to pick up. This week for that matter. That’s not going to go well in Tallahassee.
– BUT – If any other school lost RB1 and RB2 in the same season they’d get a pass. That’s not going to happen for us. Fans expect more than they should and media doesn’t seem to care.
– Defensively there’s not much to say. Domination.
– Was nice to see turnovers.
– Juston Burris, Hakim Jones, and Josh Jones all had an interception and we finally picked up a fumble.
– Even though it was a freshman walk-on playing at QB it was great to see actual execution. That’s something they can gain some confidence from and move on with.
– Held BC QB to a QBR of 17.8.
– Only problem I had was was not closing out the game and getting the shutout. They took the foot off the gas and that allowed the touchdown.
– One of the best takeaways from this game was Bombard being perfect.
– 3 for 3 XP’s and a 37 yard field goal.
– Hopefully that knocks out the mental block going forward. Can’t afford to miss kicks against FSU.

Part 2 – FSU Preview
OK, going into Tallahassee is never easy and I don’t expect to win but I’m gonna tell you why we are going to win.

1. Clemson hangover. Went to Death Valley and got lost an emotional game. 23-13 “don’t let a team beat you twice”
2. ACC Championship and playoff championships hopes are gone.
3. QB controversy….Maguire can’t run and Golson is struggling
4. Bandwagon fans have checked out. (hi #FSUTwitter)
5. Listen to find out the rest!
6. Listen to find out the rest!
7. Listen to find out the rest!


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