November 23

S2 Ep13 – Go to Hell Carolina, Cuse Game Review and Go to Hell Carolina


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Part One – Cuse Review

– Opening drive really set the tone for the game.
– Perfect balance shown that continued for most of the game.
– Nichols showed a lot of burst.
– Always a good thing when you’ve got a drive that doesn’t see a 3rd down until you’re looking at an “and goal” situation.
– The team’s opening drives both gave an indication for the game. State turned a 3rd and goal into a touchdown while Cuse settled for a FG.

– Nice to see a couple of RB’s get 12+ carries.
– I’ve harped on YPC after the big play. RG2 had a long of 19. After that he still averaged over 5 a carry on the other 12.
– Same thing for Nichols. Long of 19. Other 11 carries over 5ypc.
– Fact is Syracuse is a bad team and they treated them accordingly.
– 1st quarter says it all – Jacoby was 7/8 for 78 yards and a TD, his only incompletion was an intentional throwaway, and rushing yards were 3 over at 81 for an almost even split. As good as it gets.
– Also – the Ramos TD catch early in the 3rd quarter. WOW. Big boy catch.
– That Roseboro pick is why we get so worked up over recruiting. It doesn’t always go the way you think it will with a kid. That’s just a preview of things to come.
– Evan – about that. I saw this quote on the wolfpacker by wafflecone and I had to share

– i remember Tony Haynes saying in 2013 vs Cuse something to the affect of ‘men vs boys’ when we were playing Cuse.

4th down conversions. First drive cuse kicked a field goal pack went 3 for 3 on 4th downs. Cuse hasn’t stopped anyone all year on 4th down. 9 for 9 against them. good coaching

– Final note – to the Cuse WR that came out after the game and talked about how Cuse just doesn’t like us. Guess what asshole? We don’t like you either. 8-1.
– Evan -/are they the new Maryland/fan?
– Evan – George McDonald tweet was great

Part Two – GTHC

– We can say what we want but the fact is they’re 10-1. That’s not easy no matter the schedule, BUT they can be beat.
– Their explosiveness on offense seems to correlate with playing bad defenses.
– This offense isn’t much different than it was last year. Our defense absolutely dominated them. They don’t put up 40 on us.
– They’re a lot better on defense but still nothing special.
– They show such a dramatic improvement because Chizik runs a common sense defense which was not at all what they had last year.
– VT game was probably the toughest they’ve had in a month. The one that’s up there with it was Pitt. Those scores were 26-19 and 30-27. They blowout bad teams and have had close wins against good ones. (Debatable that VT is good but there was a lot of circumstance in that game – Beamer’s last)
– They can be beat the same way they were last year. Come out early and smack them in the mouth. Run a normal offense and an extra aggressive defense and we come out with a win.

Random –

– We’ll hit more on basketball after this episode. They’re getting better. Growing pains are ok.
– A loss without a starter isn’t terrible. Look at Carolina this week. Northern Iowa is right on par with W&M.
– made it to the round of 32, lost to Lville (would have played us had they won) not the same team though lost 3 of top 4 players
– Coaching carousel could impact the ACC in a big way.
– Jimbo’s name being thrown around for LSU. He makes more at FSU than Les is making at LSU, but if LSU is willing to pony up a $15 mil buyout then they’re willing to pay whatever for the man they want.
– Dabo is another name you’ll hear for LSU but I think he waits for Saban to leave Tuscaloosa. Again, Dabo WILL be the next Alabama coach. It’s a matter of when instead of if.


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