November 16

S2 Ep 12 – NC State vs FSU Recap, Hoops, and why it all wasn’t that bad.


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Show Notes

Part One – FSU Recap/Cuse Preview


– I really hate to be the “I told you so” guy when it’s referencing something bad but the running game was a disaster. Last week against BC was fluffed up with long runs. When you don’t have those it shows in games like this against tough teams.
– J-Sam – 7 carries for 23 with a long of 14. The other 6 carries went for 1.2 ypc.
– Nyheim – 3 carries for 18 with a long of 14. The other 2 carries went for 2 ypc.
– Nichols – 3 carries for 14 with a long of 9. The other 2 carries went for a staggering 2.5 ypc.
– Jacoby – 17 carries for 25 with a long of 12. The other 16 carries went for 0.8 ypc.
– Awful numbers led to abandoning the run. RB’s had 13 carries the entire game. That’s including having a lead for a good chunk of the first half.
– Couldn’t run the ball so we threw almost 50 times against FSU’s defense. That’s not a good thing.
– Jacoby was only the leading rusher because he was running for his life a good bit. Designed QB runs early but a lot of it was scrambling (unsuccessfully at that.)
– Fact is this was a great offense with Shad and Dayes, a good offense with Dayes, and now it’s up in the air. They can decide whether or not they’re still good.
– Again, I don’t blame anyone for this. Losing RB1 and RB2 is a massive hit. It changes an offense.
– E – YPC w/ Dayes – 6.3 and YPC w/o Dayes – 4.8
– Passing game was about what it’s been for the bulk of the season. Not many shots downfield and the ones taken weren’t successful.
– Deep balls weren’t on target a lot. Difference between this game and the BC one where they were was a collapsing pocket. Jacoby had time a lot more against BC than FSU.
– When he did have a limited amount of time there was usually not a lot open downfield.

E –
OL & WR, i questioned Jacoby earlier in the year but this game they really emphasized that guys weren’t open downfield. TV cameras showed FSU’s tight coverage and we had no where to throw.
OL was good against BC, and while they might be the #1 ranked Defense, FSU has better athletes up front 10/10 times. It showed.
OL takes time to develop. Have to bring in talent but you have to develop them. Not like DL where you can bring in the best guys and they play b/c they are strong. Mcgirt. Richardson, Adams, Tyler Jones, Prescod. will be a good line with time. 3 4 stars and 2 guys who have played

Play calling has to adjust for not having days and not having guys who can get up.
Side note – Hate the short side field runs.

Def. played well enough to win, no help from the offense. Maguire killed us, had to stop blitzing.

– 3-7 but play a lot of close games, Clemson, LSU, FSU played them tough.
– Give up a lot of points but can we score? 30 to Central Mich, 44 to UVA, 45 to USF, 41 to Lville
– tons of injuries. Walk-on juco QB.
six game losing streak

Part Two – Basketball

William & Mary –

– Not a lot to say. It was an absolute disaster.
– When jump shots aren’t falling this team is going to be in trouble.
– Last year we had Lacey to bail us out and make some plays to cover up for poor shooting nights.
– The answer this year was supposed to be Henderson.
– Out 6-8 weeks after getting injured 7 minutes into the first game of the season. How bout that luck?
– Abu and Caleb had good games. That’s about the only positive to take from it.

South Alabama –

– Actually somewhat executed the gameplan for this one.
– Jump shots from the PG position are still lacking but that’s something that can be fixed with 1 game of shooting the ball well.
– Statline for Cat wasn’t terrible if you don’t look at FG percentage. 3 of 11.
– 2 assists shy of a triple-double.
– 11 of 12 from the line. Key for him until the jump shot shows up is to drive into the lane and get to the line.
– Bright spot so far has been Caleb. 7 of 10 shooting on the night and 4 of 6 from behind the 3 point line.
– Looks like a team that hasn’t figured it quite out offensively. There’s time but they’ve got to be a lot better if it’s gonna be 5 tourneys in a row.
– NCAA birth and this will be Gott’s best coaching job yet.
– Obvious that they miss Henderson. Open position for the player that decides they’re gonna be the go-to scorer.
– Upside of that has been playing time for Maverick Rowan.
– Went 6 of 15 against W&M and 5 of 10 against South Alabama.
– Has potential to be a REALLY good player. Looks for his shot and will only get better. I don’t want to say Scott Wood but.. Scott Wood.


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