S2 Episode 9 – NC State + Halloween + Carter Finley + Clemson = Upset?

We are at the halfway point and after breaking the curse of Winston-Salem NC State faces its toughest test of the season in Clemson who is fresh off a 58-0 whipping of Miami. Fortunately for the Pack fans there are a lot of signs that something special could happen. It’s halloween after all and stranger thing have happened when top 5 teams have come to Carter-Finley on a hot streak!

Listen to our thoughts with resident twitter guru @CuBosco
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What do you think is going to happen?

S2 Episode 8 – The One and Only Nate Irving

Dustin and Evan regroup after the podcast bye week and come out of the break in mid-season form with NC State legend and current Indianapolis Colt, Nate Irving.

Be sure to follow Nate on twitter and let us know if you’d like him back on the podcast! https://twitter.com/JusSayNate

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S2 E7 – Destroying Virginia Tech Preview w/o @HokieSmash

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Show Notes
– Chance to rebound against a team that’s nowhere near as good as they were supposed to be.
– Going in favorites after the line opened VT -2.
– Game scared me a lot after week 1. VT gave OSU all they could handle. Since then it’s obvious that a lot of teams are going to be able to give OSU all they can handle.
– Brewer moved the ball against OSU before going down. Looks like he’ll be back this week.
– VT’s D line is the best we’ve seen. Struggled running against UL. Problems this week?
– Looks like we’ll get Alex Barr back. Should DEF help with the running game.
– Can Jacoby move the ball downfield?
– Defense played decently well last week. VT’s offense is horrid. If the defense loses to VT’s offense then we’re going to have problems as the season goes on.
– Who steps up and plays better than they are to get the win?
– Justin Jones credit – we forgot in the last podcast
– Bear Front – 46 Defense, Desert Swarm / ’85 Bears

3.55 ypc w/o jacoby
.66 ypc w jacoby

S2 Ep6 – Louisville Recap: What the F was that?

We tried to limit the cursing to a minimum but yea, it happens.

Tough one for the Pack. We both thought it was a must win and neither of us left the game thinking Louisville was that much better than us.

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Wolfpack Great Eddie Goines, Are Lville Fans the new Maryland fan?, Shad Booted, & E Rants

Tons going on in the podcast. Evan rants about the local media’s lack of respect for NC State, More Cowbell!, Shadrach’s situation, Louisville’s arrogance and we have an awesome conversation with Wolfpack great Eddie Goines

The Podcast
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We’re going to have Eddie back soon to get an answer to my question he dodged!

Be sure to check out and support Eddie’s project, Ali Speaks

Watch the Ali Speaks short

Carter-Finley is Docile
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Dissing NC State
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2015 – Episode 4 – ODU Recap, USA, and the Dallas Cowboys. Really.

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2015 – Episode 3 – An Interview with @WolfpackPatrol

Co-host Dustin caught the Eastern Kentucky funk so Wolfpack super-fan @WolfpackPatrol joins E to preview ODU and let everyone know what the Wolfpack Patrol is all about. Should we replace Dustin with @WolfpackPatrol permanently? let us know!

please give @WolfpackPatrol a follow on twitter, you won’t be disappointed.

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2015 – Episode 2: Troy Preview and Former RB James Washington

We’re dropping a very quick Troy preview for you this week followed by an awesome conversation with former NC State RB James Washington. James gave us some awesome insight on all sorts of topics from a perspective that few people have.

We talked about: running out of the tunnel to 60,000 NC State fans, who is NC State’s real rival from a players point of view, the most hostile place to play, playing in front of 6 people in their living room’s at BC, the Winston-Salem curse, killing passouts, NC State’s loaded backfield, playing in a loaded backfield, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did recording it.

Please give James a follow on twitter @J_N_W3 and let him know that #WolfpackNation is pulling for his rehab so he can follow his dreams and get back on the field.

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2015 Season – Episode 1 – Preseason

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