Ep 56 – 2017 – Bye Week Edition

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* Dustin back. Thanks for the concern while in Vegas. Apologize for the voice and coughing as I’ve been sick for going on two weeks.
* thanks for all the audio feedback, it will help us get better.

Pitt Review
* Started slow, still found a way to win
* great second half (held pitt to only a FG)
* Narduzzi, why the hell did he switch QBs?
* That’s why he’s on a career trajectory that has him at Pitt.

Bye Week Goals
* Get healthy – no one listed on the injury report outside of the guys out for the year but still bumps and bruises. Perfect timing.
* watch teams in front of us lose
* ND vs USC
* ND guys saying this is their toughest stretch of games in history. USC, State, Wake, Miami, Navy, Stanford
* D – ND win against USC would be nice?
* Clemson vs GT

* Nebraska hires the Wash St AD, general theory is they want leach. Good fit? What would AD Dustin do?
* Got to talk about it and we hope to have a special edition with WolfpackPatrol, UNC Skates. Thoughts?
Canada Watch
* 2 wins over ranked teams in a row! Beat Auburn 27-23. 206 in the air and 157 on the ground. In comparison Auburn had 165 in the air and 189 on the ground. Just that kind of game.
Lock of the Week
* – Don’t remember what mine was but I’m sure it was right!
* D – Bama is going off at 34.5 or 35 against UT and I want to take them but I won’t. Louisville +6.5 at FSU is hard to turn down. They’ll rebound after last week. I don’t think they’re great but they still have a Heisman trophy winner as QB1. FSU still hasn’t done much.
* E –
Top 4
* D – 1. Bama, 2. UGA, 3. PSU, 4. TCU
* E – 1. Bama 2. UGA 3. PSU 4. Clemson w/Bryant

Ep 55. – 2017 – Best Night in CF History?

Once again Dave from Carter-Finely (Website | Twitter ) joins the show to break down the game against Louisville and a look ahead to Pitt.

Ep. 53 – 2017 – Post Cuse Dave & Dave Takeover

Look back at the win over Cuse

Dave from Carter-Finley joins us to talk NC State vs Louisville @dfcf99

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National Media’s Guide to NC State

Here’s our podcast on the topic

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It’s only day 2 of the NC State basketball “coaching search even though we still have a coach through the end of the season” and I’m already at wits end. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. It’s just that time of year again when the national media tells the world how crazy we are to want to be better than the status quo. It’s exhausting. It’s also a lazy narrative that guys like Gary Parish, Jeff Goodman, et al will beat down our throats no matter what but I’ll get back to them.  It was Jay Bilas who I didn’t expect to come at us like he did this morning.

The Indiana University podcast gets its.

But back to Bilas….here’s one of his tweets at us.

Well, all those things are true but as news goes these days you can consider them ‘alternative facts.’ Mark Gottfried was not fired for his past performance, he was fired for the direction the program was headed.  For those that struggle to understand this, we put a little chart together.  This is Mark Gottfried’s ACC win percentage (including current year 3-11).

I’m not sure I need to put anymore numbers together but I will to drive this point home.

The Mark Gottfried made 5 NCAA Tournaments Narrative

Here’s another one the national media loves and Bilas fell in line with this morning…

We’ve said it about 100 times on the podcast. It’s all about what you use to define your metric for success. In life and in business, you wouldn’t go through your day-to-day routine if you didn’t have a metric for success.  Whether it be more sales or in the media’s case, more clicks, you have define your target and how you measure success.

For a program that has two national titles, multiple-ACC Championships, NCAA tournaments appearances is not the metric that defines success for the fan base. We are steeped with ACC history and folks on Tobacco road, sans Roy, hold the ACC Tournament and ACC Championships in the highest regard. Folks on the outside don’t get that. We, Dustin and I, believe that metric for success is competing in the ACC. That doesn’t mean that you should be winning the ACC every year, no one has that expectation despite what the fake news would lead you to believe. Competing means fighting to be in the top-5 of the ACC on a regular basis. If you’re doing that then you’re doing enough to be a top 25 program and every once in a while the stars will align and you’ll be fighting for the ACC Championship. **Side note, I wish someone with access would ask Debbie Yow what her metric for success is for basketball.**

Gary Parish’s article (which we will not link to because of the excessive ads and autoplay videos) used, Jim Larranaga as a comparison for Mark Gottfried as they were hired at similar time.

Mark Gottfried and Jim Larranaga got hired 17 days apart at NC State and Miami back in 2011. When this season is over, Gottfried will have made four NCAA Tournaments and two Sweet 16s. And he got fired two days after Valentine’s Day. Meantime, even if Larranaga makes the NCAA Tournament this season, his first six years at Miami will amount to three NCAA Tournament appearances and, more than likely, two Sweet 16s. And Larranaga has a contract through 2022 that nobody has even thought of buying out. He couldn’t be more comfortable in Coral Gables.

Two men.

Two ACC jobs.

So what is wrong with this statement? In theory, nothing as it makes sense but Gary fails to mention that Larranaga has won an ACC Title, their first in school history, of course he’s safe from persecution. In addition, one of those two men did not go 5-13 last year with a similar result on the horizon this year. It is short sighted and lazy.

NC State Can’t Compete with its Neighbors

More from ESPN – ‘You’re not going to compete with the likes of Duke and UNC talent-wise’

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.espn.com/core/video/iframe?id=18700506&endcard=false” allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Ahh this is the other one that gets thrown anytime basketball gets mentioned. Alec Lower at BackingthePack said this

Over the last five years State’s recruiting classes have had an average finish (according to 247sports.com) of 20.8. This is actually higher than UNC’s average finish of 22.8 and reasonably close to Duke’s 9.8 over the same time period. Gottfried has proven talent acquisition is a total non-issue in Raleigh

For those of you who need pretty visuals…..

As you can see, Gottman could recruit, on par with the top programs in the area and even a bit better than UNC over the same period….

The problem then appears with the output from those recruiting classes. An average of 7.6 wins why the Heels and Devils were 12 and 12.4 respectively.


And I’ll leave you with this one from @JamesCurle




2017 Ep 17 – Our listeners want to fight us, Beating Duke, Football schedule

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