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S2 E15 – Belk Bowl, Debbie = Trump?, Coaching Changes, annnd Basketball

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Part One -

- Belk Bowl -

- The dominos fell just right and we get to stay in state for a bowl game.
- Beneficial for a couple of reasons -
- We’ll have a good crowd make the drive to Charlotte.
- It’s a 12/30 bowl which automatically gets it some prestige. Aside from that it’s growing into a great bowl year after year.
- Biggest of all - recruiting. Doesn’t hurt to have the team in Charlotte.
- Would UNC rather be there than the Russell Athletic?
- We’ll do a bowl preview next week.
- Debbie Yow -

- Sporting News article -
- What an absolute load of horseshit.
- Holy PC. She was saying that kids needed to be frugal with their limited income. There’s nothing wrong with that.
- The tats and rims comment from Bama AD Bill Battle was worse, though I think it was referencing Ohio State’s deal a few years ago.
- I found it amusing that someone writing an article attacks someone’s character turned around and talked about Deb using money for botox and heels. Take a look in the mirror before you spout off random bullshit trying to take advantage of a political rhetoric.

Part Two -

- Coaching Changes -

- ACC -

- Virginia Tech - Frank Beamer out, Justin Fuente in.
- Miami - Al Golden out, Mark Richt in.
- Virginia - Mike London out, Bronco Mendenhall in.
- Syracuse - Scott Shafer out, Dino Babers in.
- Other Notables -
- ECU - Ruffin McNeill out, ? in.
- Possibilities -
- VT AHC - Shane Beamer
- NCSU OC - Matt Canada
- Former Michigan HC - Brady Hoke
- JMU HC - Everett Withers
- Georgia - Mark Richt out, Kirby Smart in.
- South Carolina - Steve Spurrier out, Will Muschamp in.
- Basketball -

- Bucknell -

- Hard to judge any growth/setbacks from one game against a scrub.
- Started off slow and exploded.
- Another solid game from Cat and Caleb.
- Bright spot to the season so far has to be Maverick Rowan. Takes a lot of shots but he’s young and those will start to fall more and more. 9-14 overall, 4-7 from 3, and 5-6 from the line.
- Misc -
- News on Terry Henderson not good. Expect him back in February.
- Any recruiting news?

S2 Ep14 – UNC Fball, Basketball Talk, NITStan and the Pac 12 bias hurting Coach D.

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Unedited Show Notes


– Call from Stan will play at beginning.
– I agreed with Stan that we should beat UNC as if they are unruly children but unfortunately it turned out the other way.
– Game opened up with us getting punched in the mouth. We fought back but it was just too little too late after that big of a hole.
– Elijah Hood ran the ball 21 times for 220 yards. 10.5 a carry.
– If that’s not bad enough TJ Logan ran it 6 times for 100 yards. Marquise ran it for 53 yards.
– Hood said after the game that their OL dominated our DL in the first half.
– That wasn’t really expected. I expected the secondary to get burned but the line was a shock.
– They did what they wanted on the ground and it was embarrassing. We couldn’t get a stop in the first half.
– Why? Is it talent? Coaching? Both?
– Major key to the game was having them stopped on 3rd down early and pissing it away. They would have been forced to punt and Nicholson hit Marquise late out of bounds. That gave them the 1st and shortly after he threw a bomb downfield for a TD. That was a huge swing that we never came back from.
– Things settled down after the 1st but there was just too big a hill to climb.
– 2nd-4th quarter we kind of won but it was pointless.
– No reason to dwell on it – despite what a lot of State fans believe they are a better team. It happens and you just move on from it.
– Again, they’re a DAMN good team.

Football Season –

– Success or failure?
– People have harped on Canada all year but we ended the season averaging 33.6 points per game. That’s not awful.
– Defense was the disaster in my opinion. Including OOC games we gave up 24.8 a game. Conference jumped up to 29.6 ppg. We don’t play in the Big 12 so that’s not gonna work out.
– Games against teams who had a good offense was just too much for them. Clemson put up 56, FSU 34, UNC 45.
– It’s not all ppg, though, as situational defense was the bad part. Again – UNC scored 35 of its 45 points in the 1st quarter. There is NO excuse for that.
– We talked about coaching/talent against UNC but it goes for the whole season. What was the problem with the defense this year?

Part Two – Basketball

– LSU –

– This team is slowly starting to come together.
– The ASU loss was ugly but followed up by a win against the ranked powerhouse Ben Simmons. Oh wait I mean LSU.
– Media has a chub for him eh?
– In all seriousness they absolutely shut him down offensively. He had gone for 20 and 20 the game before and only scored 4 points in this one. He still had a double-double with 14 rebounds and 10 assists but that’s a tradeoff you take.
– LSU currently getting throttled by the College of Charleston, simmons with 3 at the half.
– Winthrop –
– Followed that up with a TOUGH game against Winthrop. You can say what you want about a small school but their the type of team that upsets a powerhouse in the NCAA Tournament. They can shoot the ball from Durham and it’s going in.
– Jimmy Gavin was Marcus Paige like with 38 points. He went 7-12 from outside and they weren’t played bad defensively. Kid just has it.
– Cat answered back with 37 of his own and was 19 of 22 from the free throw line (12-12 against LSU). That’s huge. If he can keep that number up going into ACC play we can count on free points off his drives.
– Whole team was 25-34 against Winthrop and 23-29 against Ben Simmons.
– cat needs to drive. stalls in the half court set, especially w/o henderson.
– I want us to play faster
– Michigan –

– Butt kicked. This game showed that it’s going to be a long, long season. NCAA looks farther and farther away.
– Sat and watched screaming that Cat needed to drive late in the 2nd half. Started it and started getting to the line but it was too little too late.
– Team is still meshing but there’s a few takeaways –
– Rowan be shooting.
– Cat is starting to get in the groove and show why he had talk for ACC POY.
– The Martins have grown up. Playing like men. (could you win with 5 Martins?)
– Abu is still finding himself but when he does – watch out.
– surprised by his mid-range jumper
– This team is still a ways away from passing the tournament eye test. It’s all about weathering the storm until Henderson gets back and then hoping he’s everything we think he is.
– Sony Dykes Love?
Dykes vs Doeren

S2 Episode 11 – ~7 Reasons Why NC State Will Win at FSU

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Thanks to for making this episode happen. This stuff is legit and a must have for your tailgate.

Part 1 – BC Recap

– First game without Dayes. Huge loss.
– Game went exactly how it should have. Offense controlled their side and the defense dominated.
– Got a little scared early on with the huge Alston drop. Right in the hands and no catch.
– We’ve talked about what was going on with Jacoby. Play calling, line, no trust in receivers? Look at drops like that and you know why the QB wouldn’t have a lot of confidence? OC for that matter.
– Seems like it doesn’t matter with the final score and the way the rest of the game went, but that was a perfect deep ball against #1 defense in country and it was shit.
– Jacoby was exactly what I thought he was – a good QB that can throw the deep ball. Everyone has been dogging him all year and there’s no real reason.
– Other than that Ramos and Trowell had some huge catches and great games overall.
– Team is going to look a lot different without Dayes. It turned out alright this time but the run game has to improve without him.
– The stats are misleading. YPC isn’t awful but when you look at the long runs it takes away from that.
– Gallaspy – 5 for 35 for an average of 7 per carry. But a long of 35 means the other 4 rushes netted 0 yards.
– Samuels – 8 for 32 for an average of 4 per carry. Long of 23 means the other 7 went for 1.3 per carry.
– That’s GOT to pick up. This week for that matter. That’s not going to go well in Tallahassee.
– BUT – If any other school lost RB1 and RB2 in the same season they’d get a pass. That’s not going to happen for us. Fans expect more than they should and media doesn’t seem to care.
– Defensively there’s not much to say. Domination.
– Was nice to see turnovers.
– Juston Burris, Hakim Jones, and Josh Jones all had an interception and we finally picked up a fumble.
– Even though it was a freshman walk-on playing at QB it was great to see actual execution. That’s something they can gain some confidence from and move on with.
– Held BC QB to a QBR of 17.8.
– Only problem I had was was not closing out the game and getting the shutout. They took the foot off the gas and that allowed the touchdown.
– One of the best takeaways from this game was Bombard being perfect.
– 3 for 3 XP’s and a 37 yard field goal.
– Hopefully that knocks out the mental block going forward. Can’t afford to miss kicks against FSU.

Part 2 – FSU Preview
OK, going into Tallahassee is never easy and I don’t expect to win but I’m gonna tell you why we are going to win.

1. Clemson hangover. Went to Death Valley and got lost an emotional game. 23-13 “don’t let a team beat you twice”
2. ACC Championship and playoff championships hopes are gone.
3. QB controversy….Maguire can’t run and Golson is struggling
4. Bandwagon fans have checked out. (hi #FSUTwitter)
5. Listen to find out the rest!
6. Listen to find out the rest!
7. Listen to find out the rest!

S2 Episode 9 – NC State + Halloween + Carter Finley + Clemson = Upset?

We are at the halfway point and after breaking the curse of Winston-Salem NC State faces its toughest test of the season in Clemson who is fresh off a 58-0 whipping of Miami. Fortunately for the Pack fans there are a lot of signs that something special could happen. It’s halloween after all and stranger thing have happened when top 5 teams have come to Carter-Finley on a hot streak!

Listen to our thoughts with resident twitter guru @CuBosco
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What do you think is going to happen?

S2 Episode 8 – The One and Only Nate Irving

Dustin and Evan regroup after the podcast bye week and come out of the break in mid-season form with NC State legend and current Indianapolis Colt, Nate Irving.

Be sure to follow Nate on twitter and let us know if you’d like him back on the podcast!

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S2 E7 – Destroying Virginia Tech Preview w/o @HokieSmash

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Show Notes
– Chance to rebound against a team that’s nowhere near as good as they were supposed to be.
– Going in favorites after the line opened VT -2.
– Game scared me a lot after week 1. VT gave OSU all they could handle. Since then it’s obvious that a lot of teams are going to be able to give OSU all they can handle.
– Brewer moved the ball against OSU before going down. Looks like he’ll be back this week.
– VT’s D line is the best we’ve seen. Struggled running against UL. Problems this week?
– Looks like we’ll get Alex Barr back. Should DEF help with the running game.
– Can Jacoby move the ball downfield?
– Defense played decently well last week. VT’s offense is horrid. If the defense loses to VT’s offense then we’re going to have problems as the season goes on.
– Who steps up and plays better than they are to get the win?
– Justin Jones credit – we forgot in the last podcast
– Bear Front – 46 Defense, Desert Swarm / ’85 Bears

3.55 ypc w/o jacoby
.66 ypc w jacoby

S2 Ep6 – Louisville Recap: What the F was that?

We tried to limit the cursing to a minimum but yea, it happens.

Tough one for the Pack. We both thought it was a must win and neither of us left the game thinking Louisville was that much better than us.

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Wolfpack Great Eddie Goines, Are Lville Fans the new Maryland fan?, Shad Booted, & E Rants

Tons going on in the podcast. Evan rants about the local media’s lack of respect for NC State, More Cowbell!, Shadrach’s situation, Louisville’s arrogance and we have an awesome conversation with Wolfpack great Eddie Goines

The Podcast
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We’re going to have Eddie back soon to get an answer to my question he dodged!

Be sure to check out and support Eddie’s project, Ali Speaks

Watch the Ali Speaks short

Carter-Finley is Docile
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Dissing NC State
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2015 – Episode 4 – ODU Recap, USA, and the Dallas Cowboys. Really.

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2015 – Episode 3 – An Interview with @WolfpackPatrol

Co-host Dustin caught the Eastern Kentucky funk so Wolfpack super-fan @WolfpackPatrol joins E to preview ODU and let everyone know what the Wolfpack Patrol is all about. Should we replace Dustin with @WolfpackPatrol permanently? let us know!

please give @WolfpackPatrol a follow on twitter, you won’t be disappointed.

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