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Ep – 76 – Pack is Going to Beat Clemson

Calling it now. NC State is gonna win.

Ep 75 – 2018 – Mid-Season Review – People’s Ed.

2018 Mid-season review.

Ep 63 – 2017 – Dave Doeren Coaching Madness & UNC

A coaching search and UNC in one podcast. What more could you want?

What have we heard?
Who would replace DD?
Outlook next year?
What happens to the cruitin’?

Ep 62 – 2017 – Wake, UNC. WPN Rallies, DD

DD to Miss. St?
Losing to Wake sucked
Hardcore Def. Analysis
Carolina Sucks
Coaching Madness
Net Neutrality
@ER’s motivational speech
@JdustinHill’s Billboard
Oh yea and the State of DD and the program

Ep 60 – 2017 – Closing the Laptop on Clemson – On to BC

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4th & 1
Christmas Movies
Refs and State fans
State fans and Refs

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